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Saturday, December 1, 2012

God Has Changed the Order!

Why are so many people hung up on fulfilling the law? The same law that separated you from God (if you were not a Jew). The fact that God gave the law to Jews was the evidence of your condemnation and separation from God; now, you (a non-Jew) has made it your life's work to fulfill a law that was never given to you?

Jesus came to make of two men one new man in Him, meaning in the eyes of God, the

re were only two men in the world - the Jew and the Gentile, one chosen and the other condemned. But, in Christ, a new man has been created - neither Jew nor Gentile.

Today, God does not see Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Taoists, etc. He sees only two men - the new man in Christ and the unregenerate man. The only difference now is that being the new man is your choice, your decision.

How I love Jesus!

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